My Sports Image Photos

Custom Graphics

MSI provides exclusive personalized products per organization and can incorporate your organization’s logo, colors and even your slogan into all graphics. Our graphics department designs ALL of our graphics, giving you a professional piece of custom memorabilia.This ensures the highest quality in sports graphics that follow current trends and a different look year after year.

Metallic Paper

MSI was the first company to offer a full line of products printed on premium metallic paper. Our company provides this at no additional cost.This premium portrait paper will give you the highest image quality compared to anything else on the market. See our product samples.

Team Photos for Coaches & Managers

MSI provides team photos for all coaches and managers photographed in the team photo at no additional charge.


Digital Copies of All Teams Photographed

Receive digital copies of all teams photographed to be used for all organization purposes, such as website, yearbook, etc at no additional cost.

Team Photos For Players In Need

MSI provides the leagues with certificates for free team photos available to players that are in a scholarship program at no charge.

Skilled Portrait Photographers

All photographers at MSI are dedicated, full-time employees that are nationally recognized in photography.  They are trained in all fields of photography. MSI does NOT hire freelance or part-time photographers to fulfill any jobs.

ID Cards/ID Photos and ID Badges

Take the hassle off of your coaches! MSI can provide ID cards or ID photos for the players and coaches. We can also provide ID badges for your staff and board members. This can be done at a board meeting or on your photo day.


Ball Give-Away

Want to give a special treat to those teams that show on your scheduled photo day? Each team will get a shiny new ball after their photos are completed. Ask us how to take advantage of this program.


Team Banners

Highlight your tournament with a custom banner that can be displayed at your clubhouse, field or games!


Sponsor Banners

Create additional advertising space for your sponsors by displaying a bright custom banner at your clubhouse, field, etc at wholesale pricing.



Organization Marketing – Custom Lawn Signs & Advertising Posters

Create a professional look that gives you 24/7 advertising to help community awareness and boost participation in your organization.



Guaranteed On-Time Delivery

MSI guarantees all products to be sent  within 20 business days of your photo shoot. Average turn-around time during our last season was 12 business days. Our on-time delivery promise is backed by a financial guarantee.  If your organization has a specific deadline for delivery, please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate. MSI guarantees 100% satisfaction on all products or full refund.

Mail-to-Home Program

After the production of the products, quality control, and packaging, we can ship directly to your Coaches or parents. This ensures that the team and parents receive their images at an expedited rate and the organization does not have to pass them out. Make delivery easy for the League, Coaches, and parents.


Lowest Rate of Error

We began using a two-step process for data entry (loading personalized information for printing on products). We incorporate digital reading and rendering of the player’s name and then crosscheck the results and package by a representative. This insures that our advanced production system has the lowest rate of error and re-make requests, which means less hassle for everyone!

Multi-Year Photographic Agreement

MSI offers a multi-year Photographic Agreement giving your organization the most innovative products and the industry and the highest quality of service with a protected pricing guarantee, bigger rebates and special services!



Coordinating Picture Day

We know how difficult it can be to coordinate picture day. Simply provide us with your organization’s plan and we’ll help with schedules, information packets, and anything else to help organize picture day.


Sales Flyers

Our colorful, attractive sale envelopes help generate excitement for picture day. With the back side, that displays and categorizes all products, parents can see exactly what they are ordering. Parents have the option to pay by Cash, Check or Credit Card. Envelopes also give detailed information on how to pre-order online.

Organization’s may choose to hand out or MSI can ship direct to coaches.



Pre-Ordering On-Line

No need to worry about forgotten or misplaced envelopes on picture day! We offer online pre-ordering for all of our sports products. Pre-ordering gives parents the luxury of viewing all of the organization custom products and the security of paying and eliminates handwriting errors. Organizations love the versatility of this service and parents will love the convenience.

* MSI supplies a pre-made email that coaches may send to parents that includes all photo day info and how to pre-order online!

Re-Ordering On-Line

Parents can now place their own re-orders on-line at their convenience with our secure on-line store. With a unique access key for their player, they can order from our extended products list. Their order is fulfilled and shipped directly to them. This makes the re-order process fast and simple.


Websites for Organizations and Parents

MSI provides two separate websites for our clients. One is designed for sports organization use and one is for the parents of players in the organization. This allows the organization to view the information only pertinent to them and for the parents/customers to view the information they need without having to sift through all the material. The parent/customer website shows all products and specialized graphics that they can order during their sports season. This takes all the guesswork out of what they are going to receive!